Advanced Data Science Program

One to One with Faculty : Python + Data Science + Machine Learning + Deep Learning
Self Paced : R Programming + Tableau + MySql + Adv Excel + Java
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Advanced Data Science Program
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Personalised One on One Training

Learn One on One with Trainers from Industry with 20 Plus years of Experience in Consulting & Academics.


During your course you will be interacting with experts from the industry which will enhance your skills and thinking significantly thus benefiting in your journey to a successful career.

Profile Build with Projects

Showcase your Capstone projects as part of your Profile Building Collateral

Placement Assistance

Our team will also assist you in placements by providing Network access for the positions in Analytics space.

Industry Endorsement

This course has been endorsed by SiCureMi an IIT Delhi incubated Analytics Firm.

Learning Management System

Access Content on LMS, Manage Projects Submission, Tech Support Logging and Digital Certificate

Program Outline

Introduction to Data Science

  • Module 1: Introduction To Data Science

  • Module 2: Life cycle of data science

  • Module 3: Skills required for data science Career path in data science

  • Module 4: Applications of data science

  • Module 5: Technology


Discussion & Guidance

Statistics in Data Science

  • Module 6: Introduction to Data

  • Module 7: Measures of Central Tendency

  • Module 8: Measures of Dispersion

  • Module 9: Measures of Skewness and Kurtosis

  • Module 10: Inferential Statistics

  • Module 11: Random Sampling & probability Distribution

Online Project Submission

MCQ Assessment


Discussion & Guidance

Python for Data Science

  • Module 12: Installation & Environment Setup

  • Module 13: Data Types

  • Module 14: Data Structures

  • Module 15: Operators

  • Module 16: Control Statements

  • Module 17: Loops

  • Module 18: Functions - Built In & User Defined

  • Module 19: Array Processing Package

  • Module 20: Data Manipulation Package

  • Module 21: Visualisation Package

Online Project Submission

MCQ Assessment


Discussion & Guidance

Statistical Learning

  • Module 22: Statistical /Machine Learning

  • Module 23: Linear Regression (Real Estate Price Prediction Case Study)

  • Module 24: Logistic Regression (Direct Marketing Campaign Case Study)

  • Online Project Submission

    MCQ Assessment


    Discussion & Guidance

Unsupervised Machine Learning

  • Module 25: Association Rule Mining (Retail Recommendation Case Study)

  • Module 26: K Means (Market Segmentation Case Study)

  • Module 27: Time Series (Automotive Sales Forecasting Case Study)

  • Online Project Submission

    MCQ Assessment


    Discussion & Guidance

Supervised Machine Learning

  • Module 28: K Nearest Neighbours (Cancer Detection Case Study)

  • Module 29: Decision Tree (Diabetics Detection Case Study)

  • Module 30: Support Vector Machines (Hand Written Text Recognition Case Study)

  • Module 31: Ensemble Learning : Bagging, Random Forests, Boosting (Hr Attrition Prediction Case Study)

  • Online Project Submission

    MCQ Assessment


    Discussion & Guidance

Neural Networks & Deep Learning

  • Module 32: Artificial Neural Network (Functional Arithmetic Learner Case Study)

  • Module 33: Deep Neural Network (Sales Forecasting Case Study)

  • Module 34: Recurrent Neural Networks (Stock Price Prediction Case Study)

  • Module 35: Convolutional Neural Networks (Face Recognition Case Study)

  • Module 36: Computer Vision (Face Detection Case Study)

  • Online Project Submission

    MCQ Assessment


    Discussion & Guidance

Self Paced Modules

  • Stream 1: R Programming for Data Science

  • Stream 2: MySQL

  • Stream 3: Basic to Advanced Excel

  • Stream 4: Tableau

  • Stream 5: Java Programming

  • Stream 6: Business Analytics

  • Stream 7: Visual Analytics

Who should enroll for the Program ?

  • Those with Engineering or Programming background wanting to become a Data Scientist

  • Any Data Analyst or Software Developer aspiring to be a Data Scientist

  • Professionals wanting to build machine learning models, using distributed storage and distributed processing

  • Managers from Analytic background and those who are leading a team of Analysts

  • Those who have taken up data science course but don't feel confident about executing their learnings in real world scenarios

  • Above All any one who has curiosity of a child to Learn new things

  • Program Executed By

    Program will be executed by Mohan Rai, IIM qualified Trainer/Mentor/Consultant. Mohan Rai is an IIM Bangalore Alumni with more than 20 years experience in Analytics and has worked closely with different business heads in diverse domains.

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