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Learn concepts of data analytics, data science and advanced machine learning using R with hands-on case studies along with the Faculty Mr. Mohan Rai This is a Limited Preview Course. To get Complete Access Contact Us.

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Mr Mohan Rai is an Alumni of IIM Bangalore , he has completed his MBA(Marketing from MET, Mumbai) and Bachelor of Science (Statistics) from University of Pune. He is a Certified Data Scientist by EMC.

Mohan is a learner and has been enriching his experience throughout his career by exposing himself to several opportunities in the capacity of an Advisor, Consultant and a Business Owner.

As an MD at Simple & Real Analytics and Imurgence he oversees Advisory/Business Consulting and Training business for both companies with Data Science as their core vertical.

He has more than 18 years’ experience in the field of Analytics and has worked as an Analytics SME on domains ranging from IT, Banking, Construction, Real Estate, Automobile, Component Manufacturing and Retail. His functional scope covers areas including Training, Research, Sales, Market Research, Sales Planning, and Market Strategy.

He has worked for top notch brands in India encompassing companies like Reliance and Baja Auto and has contributed towards building efficient Data Science business models for process efficiency.

This business acumen and process integration has given him first hand knowledge of how an organizational vision, objective and approach can be aligned with the real market condition to leverage their strengths and weaknesses.

Mohan has been able to compartmentalize this learning and share it with organizations of different domains and strength.

  • Mahindra and Mahindra Farm Division - Advisory for Analytics COE
  • SICUREMI - An Advisory and Data Analytics Solution provider for IIT Delhi incubated Heathcare Analytics Company
  • Baine Management Consultancy - Advisory Board Member for Baine a Financial Forensic Analytics and as part of Financial Analytics Product development leverages on Financial Products for Risk, Fraud and Analytics
  • S.P Jain School of Management - Visiting Faculty for Data Science
  • Dun & Bradstreet - Panelist for Analytics, Machine Learning and Big Data
  • IMS Pro School - Visiting Faculty for Business Analytics Program offered by IMS Proschool in Association with NSE
  • Imarticus - Analytics Advisory for Data Science Training
  • Princeton Academy, Mumbai - Speaker for Executive Workshop & Seminar on Analytics/Data Science/Big Data/Machine Learning
  • GridEdge - Principal Strategic Advisor
  • Quotentica - Analytics Advisory for Quotientica - An AI Product for Financial Fraud Analytics
  • Datasofttools IT Solutions - Strategic Advisory Role
  • Carpe Diem Boot Camp - Corporate Trainer for Analytics & Big Data
  • Intangio Associates - Corporate Trainer for Analytics, Machine Learning & Big Data
  • Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies - Visiting Faculty for Cloud Computing / BI & Data miniing
  • Indira School of Business Studies - Visiting Faculty for Analytics
  • EduPristine - Visiting Faculty for Analytics
  • Reliance Industries - Manager - Specialist ( SME for Analytics )
  • Cummins - Sr. Manager - Market Strategy
  • Bajaj Auto  - Asst. Manager - Sales Planning
  • Magus Consulting Pvt Ltd - Market Analyst
  • Kalpataru Constructions - Research Executive 
As an Entrepreneur at Simple & Real Analytics he oversees services spanning Analytics Consulting and Product Development, Machine Learning and Big Data Solutions for Enterprise. Simple & Real Analytics has clients in the Financial, Life Sciences, Logistics,Data Acquisition, Market Research, Manufacturing and Banking Domain.

He enjoys interacting with students, hence the Training arm, Imurgence (Data Science Training Company) presents him with the opportunity to engage in development of Data Science Training Programs and mould Data Science Interns through rigorous training at the parent company, Simple and Real Analytics Pvt Ltd.

In his tenure as an SME in Analytics he imparted Corporate Trainings in Machine Learning, Analytics and Big Data. He worked alongside Network Partners in delivering Trainings on Analytics/Big Data/Machine Learning/Deep Learning : 

  • E & Y
  • Mahindra
  • Mahindra Bristlecone
  • Yes Bank
  • Capgemini
  • Fullerton
  • Accenture
  • ISBS
  • MIT
  • S P Jain School of Global Management
  • KIT Kanpur
  • Global Analytics
  • Kabbage
  • S G Analytics
  • TVS Credit Services
  • HDFC
  • Unilever
  • Ecom Express

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be skilled in R programming to perform data analytics and machine learning on business data.

This is a Limited Preview Course. To get Complete Access Contact Us.

Target Audience
This course is ideal for anyone looking to improve their skills or start a career in Business analytics.

Access Timeframe
Six months from the date of access.

There are no prerequisites for this course, but a general understanding of statistics and an inclination to learn coding would benefit the learner.

Type of Certification
Certificate of Completion

Format of Certification

Professional Association/Affiliation
The certificate is issued by Imurgence an autonomous institution and endorsed by SiCureMi an IIT Delhi incubated Analytics Firm.

Method of Obtaining Certification
Upon successfully completing 80% of this course, the learner will be able to download digital copy of the Certificate and Mark sheet from the Certificates section . The Mark Sheet will keep on updating as the learner progresses towards 100% completion.

Curriculum For This Course
10 Lessons 1:08:48 Hours
5 Lessons 00:30:38 Hours
  • Introduction to Business Analytics 1.1 00:04:43
  • Why R 1.2 00:02:49
  • Installing R And RStudio 1.3 00:08:50
  • Installing Packages in R 1.4 00:05:17
  • Top 8 Packages in R 1.5 00:08:59
  • Operators 2.1 00:05:27
  • Built in Functions 2.2 00:05:38
  • Vector and Vector Operations{Creation,Function,Missing Value, Trimming, Logical Arithmatic} 2.3 00:14:49
  • -Vector and Vector Operations{Logical Operation, Sequencing, Sorting, Ranking} 2.4 00:07:29
  • Vector and Vector Operations{Filtering} 2.5 00:04:47
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