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Looking for intensive, short-duration data science training?

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Data Science & Machine Learning

Certificate course in data science & machine learning using


Why Choose Us


During your intership you will be interacting with experts from the industry which will enhance your skills and thinking significantly thus benefiting in your journey to a successful career.

Assessment & Mock Interview

In addition there will be assessments and mock interviews which will help you to succeed in future interviews.

CV Writing

For those who need help and guidance on the content and layout appropriate for Analytics, adequate support and feedback will be provided.

Placement Assistance

Our team will also assist you in placements by scheduling interviews for the positions in Analytics space.

Industry Endorsement

This course has been endorsed by SiCureMi an IIT Delhi incubated Analytics Firm.

Industry Endorsement

iDSPlus Course has been endorsed by SiCureMi an IIT Delhi incubated Analytics Firm.

A brief about SiCureMi

SiCureMi collects data from your wearables and using its state of the art predictive algorithms it analyses and predicts health based events. This intelligent platform searches for patterns in the data collected and raises alarms and notifications giving the patient an edge in fighting diseases.

SiCureMi's vision is to build a modern med-tech company which will make use of Sensors, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to revolutionize healthcare management. They have, therefore, partnered with outstanding organizations in the following areas:

  1. Incubation Partner: IIT Delhi & FITT
  2. Medical Research Partner: AIIMS & Apollo Hospitals
  3. Wearables & Connected Fitness: Fitbit, Garmin and Inbody
  4. Clinical In-Home Medical Devices: A&D Medical
  5. Consumer Health Applications: Fitbit & Garmin
  6. Vital Kiosk & Lab Diagnostics: Throcare & Healthians
  7. Health Data Analytics Partner: Simple and Real Analytics
  8. Training Partner : Imurgence

Academic Endorsement

iDSPlus Course has been endorsed by MMAR - Mumbai Management Academy And Research a not-for-profit organization providing employability skills training and career guidance to young under graduate and post graduate candidates in India.

A brief about MMAR

They offer Certificate program and short courses in Finance management- Capital markets, Commodity and currency markets, financial accounting, HR management, Marketing management and General management

MMAR’s vision is to help young people to make the right choice at the right time and enabling them to lead successful and healthy lives. The prime goal is to create maximum employability for aspiring undergraduate and post graduate students. They have, therefore, partnered with outstanding organizations in the following areas:

  1. IMC - Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2. BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Limited
  3. MET - MET League of Colleges
  4. Thakur College of Science
  5. Oyster HR Solutions Private Limited
  6. Imurgence

Certificate Course In Data Science & Machine Learning Using

What Else We Provide?

Online Training

The training mode will be “Online Interactive”, and the sessions will be conducted by a TRAINER. The Trainer will reply to all queries asked during the live training session.


This is optional for those who can devote 2-3 months full time and are open for unpaid internship. Interns will be exposed to real time project environment in our “Data Science” company Simple and Real Analytics. The internal data scientist team will enrich your theoretical learning by working alongside you in project execution.

Placement Support

Imurgence, has been able to provide placement opportunities to all deserving students. We first consider students for our internal projects. Every individual has their own potential, dream and ambition and respecting that, we have supported students to look for opportunities with our network of companies and within our consortiums.

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