Database Programming for Data Analyst using MySQL

This is an program recommended for Data Analyst who would have to work on data extraction, curation and processing of data as a pre processing phase for Data Analytics

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MySQL is an open source platform used by programmers and analytics resources to query and extract data from a relational data base management system. The platform is free to use and is employed by small and large incorporation's for their applications.  

MySQL is a very basic skill set required for any data related activities undertaken in the data science pipeline. The Course very quickly would enable the participants to learn the basic required for the same.

The Course enables the learner to use a SQL on a command line for data base creation , querying and manage data related activities.  

Method of Obtaining Certification
Upon successfully completing 80% of this course, the learner will be able to download digital copy of the Certificate and Mark sheet from the Certificates section . The Mark Sheet will keep on updating as the learner progresses towards 100% completion.

Curriculum For This Course
18 Lessons 2:34:06 Hours
3 Lessons 00:21:36 Hours
  • MySQL Introduction 00:08:13
  • Installation 00:09:50
  • Connecting to MySQL 00:03:33
  • Data base 00:05:23
  • Data Types 00:17:15
  • Create Tables 00:11:57
  • Insert & Select Query 00:09:40
  • Delete Query 00:03:41
  • Update Query and Where Clause 00:09:16
  • Order By Clause and Like Clause 00:11:46
  • Joins 00:06:27
  • Handling Null Values & Regular Expressions 00:08:11
  • Transactions 00:05:34
  • Alter Command 00:14:08
  • Indexes 00:04:08
  • Temporary Tables 00:08:24
  • Clone Tables 00:05:21
  • Export & Import Data Base 00:11:19
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  • Mon, 13-May-2019
    Rohit Gupta
    I am a programmer, hence I used SQL at my work, but learning again through complimentary course is fun.
  • Wed, 15-May-2019
    Aditya patil
    As this was complimentary course, I am just learning it, i believe it will help in data scrapping and that is a part of Data Science.
  • Tue, 21-May-2019
    Pradeep Gandhi
    I never did sql so learning it for the first time, content wise it looks informative.
  • Tue, 04-Jun-2019
    Pooja Rajput
    As a part of Data Science related learning, SQL helps in Data Scrapping, hence I am learning it.
  • Tue, 04-Jun-2019
    Surya Joshi
    Sql helps in Data Compilation and Scrapping hence I am learning it for Certification.
  • Tue, 04-Jun-2019
    Jay Dikshit
    Sql explanation is easy to comprehend.
  • Wed, 05-Jun-2019
    Ruben Nair
    I am happy to have complimentary course added to my account, exploring SQL in the same cost is great.
  • Wed, 05-Jun-2019
    Ravi Sharma
    Explanation provided for Sql's course is easy to comprehend.
  • Wed, 05-Jun-2019
    Shyam Makwana
    I learnt SQL in my first year of Eng, the complimentary SQL course has good content and lucid explanation.
  • Wed, 05-Jun-2019
    Rakesh Jadhav
    I learnt this in college, however, doing it again as a revision.


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